Meet Bryson Cole, aka @BCGRAPHIX: A Multitalented Artist Making an Impact

Bryson Cole is a 24-year-old artist from Texas, known for his unique art style that is both cartoony and colorful. Bryson creates art under his social media’s @BCGRAPHIX to his hundreds of thousands of followers.

Bryson is one of the hardest working artists PosterTok has ever worked with. He has over 500 posters in our catalogue, many within marked as our best sellers. His works are on the walls of tens of thousands of people worldwide. Bryson has carried this ethic with him on his journey to becoming a decorated artist and creator. 

On top of creating, Bryson has graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in advertising from the University of North Texas. This has stemmed a passion for business, with his ambitions set on becoming a widely recognized cartoonist and growing his business, BCGraphix.

Aside from his love for art, Bryson also has a passion for music. In his free time, he writes and records music, as well as creates music videos. He uses his music to inspire and motivate others, focusing on themes that are positive and uplifting, particularly for the youth.

Bryson’s ultimate goal is to create a future for himself and his family while also motivating and inspiring other to create. He attempts to fulfill this everyday through his colorful art, positive mindset, and uplifting rap music. Bryson hopes he impacts anyone that hangs his art, or even views it, to go after their goals one day at a time, to learn something new, and become a better version of yourself. 

At PosterTok, we are proud to work with artists like Bryson, who are not only talented but also driven and dedicated to their craft. His passion for art and music is inspiring, and we look forward to following his journey as he continues to make his mark on the world.

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